The Bird and the Fairy


After 5 days of research we filmed some of the performance and recorded some of the songs in Caroline gardens Chapel in Peckham

Harp and Fairy: Jana Humananska
Bird and Silks: Lina Jungergard
Outside eye: Dagmara Bilon

The bird, according to many fairytales can be a messanger from the unconscious or another world, it comes to heal and help but also to punish and put things right.
The bird in our story has hurt her wing and can’t fly. In her sleep the fairy from the forest appears and sprinkles her magic on the bird, soon the bird feels stronger and her wing is healed, The fairy makes the bird see her world and play her games and she plays an ethereal harp song, until, forgetting the past, the bird makes her way into flight…

“I am the fairy from the trees
My magic carries from my heart to toes
And in my fingers music comes so sweet
I dance and play until the bright dawn glows

I weave my spell, I heal with light and love
And wait to watch her fly in skies above”


“Hazel tree be kind to me!
Shake your leafs and set me free.”

ATTACHED – a research in progress

In May 2018 Me and Rosamond Marting and Anna Sante’s spent  5 days in the creation studio at NCCA researching: Connections between people. How we can create our environment how we can change our environment. How human connection exists whether we want them or not, The power we have when we work together and the importance of a community.

How our practise can be a reflection of our lives: I believe human were born open, responsive, playful and Circus a great playground for it and so should it be…

We were learning about Feldenkrais, facilitated space for discussion to see how it can be applied to circus performers training and how it can benefit the performers practice and function as a vehicle for creativity, find new ways in which we move. Taking tools used within it to enhance awareness, connection to the body, the self and the action. Feldenkrais also provides a means of fine-tuning awareness in response to the space and/or the other, with hands on work we explore different types of touch, listening and responding through the body, and functional movement exploration increases one’s ability to isolate parts and manipulate the body in response to internal and imagined or external and visibly physical stimulus.