The Hidden Mysteries of the Forest

“I am the fairy from the trees
My magic carries from my heart to toes
And in my fingers music comes so sweet
I dance and play until the bright dawn glows
I weave my spell, I heal with light and love
And wait to watch her fly in skies above”

“Hazel tree be kind to me!
Shake your leafs and set me free.”

The bird, according to many fairytales can be a messanger from the unconscious or another world, it comes to heal and help but also to punish and put things right.
The bird in our story has hurt her wing and can’t fly. In her sleep the fairy from the forest appears and sprinkles her magic on the bird, soon the bird feels stronger and her wing is healed, The fairy makes the bird discover her magical world of playfulness and games and she plays an ethereal harp song, until, forgetting the past, the bird makes her way into flight…


I am playing with shadows. I’m placing the lighting from different distances. using ropes to create illusion of a tree. I hang sheets and use my silk then I’m being in front and then behind, different perspectives, different worlds..
I blow the feathers that comes from the nest where the bird has hatched the egg.. It becomes a dance and a game of not letting it touch the floor. I explore my breath and what effects it has on the feather. In the swing I enjoy the support it gives my different body parts and finding places where to relax and reach. I imagen the forest surrounds and around there is birdsong.

The Bird and The Fairy

After 5 days of research we filmed some of the performance and recorded some of the songs in Caroline gardens Chapel in Peckham All with help from a bursary I received from in honour of Sally Goldsworthy who has done an immensely much for the childrens theatre in London during her lifetime. Discover story center in Stratford is managing the bursary and are mentoring me through the process.


Harp and Fairy: Jana Humananska
Bird and Silks: Lina Jungergard
Outside eye: Dagmara Bilon
writer: Helen George